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This position is based at the Piedmont Triad Regional Council (PTRC) in Kernersville, NC. PTRC is a voluntary association of local governments – urban and rural – authorized by state law to:

  • Make and implement joint regional decisions;
  • Provide management, planning and technical services to local governments;
  • Identify and solve short and long-term problems best addressed at the regional level;
  • Bring together local elected officials on a regular basis, giving them an opportunity to form working relationships;
  • Promote regional issues and cooperation among members.

The PTRC is one of 16 regional councils in North Carolina. We are designated by the State of NC to serve as the lead regional organization for the Piedmont Triad region. We serve 74 member governments in a 12 county area. The PTRC is strongly service oriented; its programs are driven by membership needs. PTRC has an ongoing environmental program addressing water resource issues. As such the PTRC is fully invested in the long-term maintenance and protection of all efforts to improve, restore and maintain the natural environment. Stormwater SMART, a regional program designed to help PTRC Phase II communities meet and exceed National Pollution Discharge Elimination Program (NPDES) requirements, was formed in 2004 through NC DWQ 205(j) funding.

Before you apply, please “read the instructions carefully”: http://www.ctnc.org/connect/americorps-application-portal-2/ and include all relevant materials in your application. Applications that do not include all of the relevant items will not be considered. Please note that this is for an AmeriCorps position for 10-months with a pre-determined living allowance of $14,000 and other benefits that include: child care benefit,health care benefit for monthly premium coverage, and the Segal Education Award upon successful completion of the term of $6,095. All information can be found on the link provided above. 

CTNC is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate because of race, creed, color,national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual preference or familial status.

CTNC seeks to engage applicants from underrepresented communities, particularly of Asian,Black, Hispanic, Multi-Racial, and Native American background, in conservation careers. Connecting more diverse applicants to an employment pathway has led to greater equity, diversity and inclusion of all people in conservation.


Purpose of the position

The AmeriCorps member will increase participation in outdoor environmental education events through outreach and networking opportunities.  Special efforts will be made to involve veterans, military families and other under-represented groups.  The member will increase Stormwater SMART’s capacity by creating and maintaining a sustainable conservation volunteer based program and building the foundation for an internship program. The member will learn about water quality and North Carolina regulations regarding water quality through training, research and supervision by Stormwater SMART Staff.  The member will be able to translate this information into materials and programs suitable for children and adults of various age levels and socioeconomic status. 

The AmeriCorps member will assist in implementing environmental science programs at Title 1 schools and cover the following topics: soil and water conservation, rules and regulations pertaining to water, freshwater ecosystems, water quantity and quality, the water cycle and others. The AmeriCorps member will gain valuable interactive, educational, and interpretive skills through the implementation of school programs, training and recruiting volunteers, assisting in promoting and providing outdoor events, and through the development of an independent project related to disaster preparedness.

Position responsibilities

Environmental Education

The AmeriCorps member will create outreach materials including blogs, newsletter articles, flyers, brochures, social media campaigns, and outreach programs to expand participation in environmental education events around the Piedmont Triad region. The member will also provide outreach and education at fairs and festivals, schools and other venues through fun, hands-on environmental education activities. 

Conservation Volunteer Program Development

The AmeriCorps member will work with PTRC staff to establish a volunteer policy for Stormwater SMART. The member will assist in recruiting, training and leading the volunteers during conservation activities such as water quality monitoring, storm drain marking, rain garden design and structure, litter removal or other volunteer activities designed to improve water quality.


  • Effective oral and written communication is required.
  • Bachelor of Sciences or Bachelor of Education, environmental education experience or degree in environmental science, biology, or social studies is preferred.
  • Spanish language would be a valuable skill but is not required.
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively, creatively and effectively with people of all ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds
  • Must be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States; Must have a legal driver’s license and consent to a criminal history check
  • Demonstrated computer abilities in Microsoft Office suite, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint; webpage and social media background a plus

Essential Functions/physical demands

The physical demands of this position are moderate. Participants should be able and willing to lift 25 lbs and actively participate in outdoor environmental education events in any weather.

Preferred schedule

Most of the AmeriCorps member’s time will be spent during normal business hours, however school programs may start at 7:45am throughout the region.  Environmental education to older adults involves occasional night meetings and outdoor environmental education events and related outreach often requires weekend work. They will be requested to attend tabling events at a variety or fairs, festivals, and farmers markets on Saturdays.  Even with the variability of the schedule, the work week will be 42 hours a week, to meet the 1700 service hour minimum required by the end of the service term. 

Location: Kernersville, NC
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